Mamamayan ng Baguio, Magkaisa at Lumaban! Itakwil ang Papet, Pahirap at Korap na Rehimeng US-Aquino!

This day marks Aquino’s fourth year as an inutile president. The people ask, “SO, anong NAngyare?” due to the fact that the development he claims the country is achieving is only felt by the rich minority.

We are with the farmers who are marching towards Mendiola at this moment. With them, we call for the removal of CARP and for the rights of the people in land and life.

Aquino should be afraid. Because now, more than ever, the oppressed majority is ready to reject and remove him from his position.

Tongtongan Ti Umili will be holding its 5th “SONA ng Mamamayan” on July 28 to express the grievances of the people and present alternatives on how the issues and concerns of the country should be addressed.

Opinion-Tracy Anne Dumalo; Tongtongan Ti Umili, Secretary-General


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