DAP as Unconstitutional: Victory for the People!

When the Filipino people first heard of the existence of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) under the executive branch of government, we already knew that this was against the constitution. We have been calling for DAP to be declared unconstitutional even from the immediate weeks after the first nationwide Million People March.

The Supreme Court has been torn on what decision it has to make, given the fact that Aquino and his cohorts will have surely been pressuring them to declare DAP constitutional. On the other hand, the clamor of the people from across the nation on the whole pork barrel system, especially with the billions of pesos placed in the DAP, the SC had no choice but to declare it unconstitutional. Without the continuous protests and mass actions of the people which pressured the SC to come to this decision today, the issue of DAP may have been forgotten. Aquino, his cohorts, and the politicians who benefited from the people’s money will still be relaxing on the knowledge that they have billions of pesos at their reach.

With this, we can say that that the declaration of DAP as unconstitutional is the victory of the Filipino people who never tired in calling for justice. However, the fight does not end here. We must continue our calls in demanding for justice and accountability. We must continue the call that all those who have been included in the pork barrel scam must answer for their crimes to the people.

Lahat ng Sangkot, Dapat Managot!



Tracy Dumalo


Tongtongan Ti Umili




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