From Million People March to Million People’s Signatures: The launching of People’s Initiative in Baguio to Abolish the Pork Barrel System

Press Release

Ausgust 23, 2014


Tongtongan Ti Umili, with the Abolish Pork Movement-Metro Baguio will be launching the People’s Initiative to Abolish the Pork Barrel System on Monday (August 25, 2104) at Baguio People’s Park from 10:00am to 12:00nn. This campaign aims to gather more than 10% signatures of registered voters in the country, with at least 3% from all legislative districts, enabling the People’s Initiative Bill to be voted on in a referendum.

The bill, entitled “An Act Abolishing the Pork Barrel System” abolishes the presidential and congressional pork barrel, mandates line item budgeting, prohibits and criminalizes appropriation and use of lump sum discretionary funds, penalizes violators with six years and one day to ten years imprisonment and disqualification from holding public office (taken from the bill description).

“In celebration of National Heroes Day and the anniversary of the #MillionPeopleMarch, we are calling on everyone to become heroes in changing the system of our government by taking part in the People’s Initiative Campaign. Let us continue our united stance to abolish the whole pork barrel system and put an end to a corrupt and anti-people government” stated Tracy Anne Dumalo, secretary-general of Tongtongan Ti Umili and co-convenor of Abolish Pork Movement-Metro Baguio.



Tracy Anne Dumalo


Tongtongan Ti Umili


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