The Baguio We Want

People’s Summit Declaration

(February 25, 2015; University of the Philippines-Baguio)

We, the people of Baguio want a city where residents’ wellbeing is paramount, where governance is built on genuine consultation with and active and continuous participation of the people.

We want a city where our duly-elected leaders have sustained engagement with the people and where that engagement results in the passing and implementation of laws and policies that will benefit the city.

We want a city where the people from all levels have strong community spirit and the ability to bring about change in our own neighbourhoods.

We want a rational urban plan and healthy environment.

We want a city that is an educational hub and not merely a tourist destination.

We, in our individual and organizational capacities commit to participate in collective efforts to bring about the much-needed transformation. We commit to begin with ourselves and our lifestyles.

We commit to critically engage the government and make our voices heard in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects.

We commit to participate in creating our local history and enriching our unique cultures and heritage.

We commit to protect and nurture our natural environment which is vital to our well-being and the generations to come.

We commit to unifying our various advocacies and support each other’s efforts for the Baguio we want.

We commit to support and elect the leaders who embody the ideals we seek for the betterment of our city.


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