PMA Graduates: Serve the People, NOT Aquino’s Grim Regime

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 March 15, 2015

Press statement

We call on the graduates of the Philippine Military Academy to become true protectors of the country, by serving the people and not just follow BS Aquino in his ” road of lies”. More than anyone else, BS Aquino has no right to be giving a speech in front of the PMA graduates, cadets and their families, especially after what he did in the Mamasapano tragedy which killed not only SAF officers, but also MILF soldiers and civilians. He violated the government’s chain-of-command, as proven in the Board of Inquiry report, yet continues to try to wash his hands from his accountability. We have seen how Aquino has used the SAF as “toy soldiers” and forced them into a battleground that led to their deaths, yet has no real sympathy for the families of the deceased.

We do not want this to happen to our PMA graduates, especially since these are our kakailians. The Filipino people can no longer take that our countrymen are continuously killed by a self-serving government. In his speech addressed to the graduates, he once again boasted his “tuwid na daan” and his so-called achievements, yet we already know that there is no ounce of truth in his words as reflected by his actions.

Despite being brutally dispersed by the PNP who were holding truncheons and sticks during the picket outside PMA on March 15, we still call on them to join the ranks of the Filipino people and stop following the commands of their “bosses”. These bosses whom they follow are the very ones who put them to harm. We have already proven this with the SAF 44.

It is but right to call for the ouster of Aquino, if he cannot step down on his own, since his whole term has shown how he is responsible for the hundreds of deaths of our countrymen, human rights violations, and no regard for the basic rights of the Filipinos. No matter his responsibility as a president, Aquino continues to fool-headedly tell lies to try to cover-up his actions. We demand for truth and accountability, and we demand for the end of Aquino’s grim regime.

Tongtongan Ti Umili- Cordillera Peoples’ Alliance along with Innabuyog, ORNUS (Organisasyon Dagiti Nkaurapay nga Umili iti Syudad), Alliance of Health Workers, Alliance of Concerned Teachers, DKK (Dap-ayan ti Kultura iti Kordilyera), Anakbayan, Youth Act Now and Katribu held a picket outside the Philippine Military Academy on March 15, 2015 to call for the ouster of BS Aquino and to challenge the newly graduates of PMA to become true heroes of the country and not become blind followers of the government. The group was met by the PNP who were holding truncheons and sticks to violently disperse the picket. This led to bruises among three members of the group. Tongtongan Ti Umili, along with its allied organizations, responded to this brutality by standing in front of the PNP with the call “OUST BS AQUINO” painted on their bodies, to show that they are not fighting with the PNP personnel, but with the bloody Aquino regime.


Tracy Anne Dumalo


Tongtongan Ti Umili-CPA


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