Anakbayan to SLU Admin: Uphold Christian Spirit, Stop Retrenchment of Employees

Support the fight of SLU Teachers & Employees!
No to K12! No to Retrenchment!

Anakbayan Cordillera

Local formation of Anakbayan in Saint Louis University (SLU) expressed their dismay over the so-called “non-Christian and hard-hearted” plan of SLU Administration to lay off almost 500 of their academic and non-academic employees as a preparation for the K to 12 program.

Reports gathered by Anakbayan from the affected teachers revealed that they will just be removed without any compromise and no means of revenue support. When asked if the university will rehire them if it already started to accept new students, there is no assurance as claimed by the teachers.

Cutting loses or cutting Profit?

According to the said administration, such move is intended to cut expenses of the university due to expected “reduction of college enrolment” during the first few years of K to 12 implementation.

Anakbayan believes that this is unreasonable as they claim that it is just intended to protect the large profit of the university…

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