Melvin Jones and City Hall Heritage sites “Development”, Signs of Urban Decay of Baguio City


Through the virtue of Republic 10066 or the National Cultural Heritage Site Act, Melvin Jones and the Baguio City Hall were already marked as heritage sites of the city. In spite of the protests of the people, the city government does not give recognition on the issue of the historical and cultural integrity of the city, as seen with the planned parking facility at Melvin Jones and the on-going projects in City Hall.  Lately, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts issued a cease and decease order addressed to the city mayor and the city government will be facing administrative and criminal charges should they fail to abide the order.

The people of Baguio should remain vigilant and continue to oppose such developments, as a member of Baguio We Want movement, Tongtongan Ti Umili will continue to show its strong opposition. People from all walks of life have gathered at Melvin Jones to show their concern and celebrate its historical significance. We therefore, urge the wider citizens of Baguio to show their support to the on-going signature and info campaign through social media.

Tongtongan Ti Umili will remain strong on its opposition on the destruction of our cultural properties in the city. The construction of the parking facility at Melvin Jones should be prevented for its historical, environmental and economic significance to the City of Baguio. The city government should look into alternative locations for a parking facility to avoid repercussions such as the destruction of Melvin Jones as an aquifer and carbon sink of the city.

We urge the City Government to stop the fencing and renovations of the Baguio City Hall and should show their respect to such historical structure. The City Hall should be free of obstructions that obliterate its historical significance.

We urge the citizens of Baguio to remain vigilant and participate in protecting our city’s heritage sites. We should strengthen our campaign to stop the commercialization and privatization of the city.

Free the Parks. Parks are for People!

Protect Our city’s unique historical identity! Respect Baguio’s Heritage!

Baguio City is not for Sale! No to Commercialization and Privatization!


Tracy Ann Dumalo

Secretary – General


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