Status Baguio: The Real State of the City and its People

Baguio City—Various groups and organizations led by Tongtongan Ti Umili-CPA (TTU-CPA) will be holding their own “SONA ng Bayan” on July 27, to discuss the real status of the country, specifically the national oppression of indigenous peoples’ in the Cordillera region and the issues and concerns faced by the people of Baguio.

Recently, Mayor Domogan released his own version of “State of the City Address”, entitled “Advancing development thru teamwork towards a sustainable Baguio”, discussing the so-called “accomplishments” and “developments” under the city. TTU-CPA is appalled by the contents of the Mayor’s SOCA that gave a long list of justifications on the issues of violent demolitions, illegal skyrise building permits, waste mismanagement, environmental degradation, and the proposed tax increase.

“Mayor Domogan does not know the true meaning of “development” and “sustainability” since the people of Baguio are fully aware that the type of development he advances for the city are for the businessmen and corporations, at the expense of the residents of the city, especially the urban poor. We are angered by the long list of lies that he stated in his SOCA, which are in fact, merely cover-ups for the sins he has done to the city—environmental degradation, brutal harassment of vendors, violent demolitions, mismanagement of funds, no delivery of basic social services, permission of e-bingos and prostitution, and corruption—are just a few of the issues faced by the people of Baguio” stated Tracy Dumalo, secretary-general of TTU-CPA.

TTU also stated that the residents of Baguio, like all of the Filipino people across the nation, are burdened with the “tuwid na daan” program of the government that does not address their basic needs, while giving way to anti-people policies like Oplan Bayanihan, Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), K12 and Corruption. Under Aquino’s regime, the  country is faced with unemployment, poverty, hunger, corruption, forced evacuations, extra-judicial killings, harassments and disappearances.

“Clearly, Aquino is a president that serves the few and not the people. We have seen and felt all throughout his term that the slogans ‘tuwid na daan’, ‘kapag walang korap, walang mahirap’ & ‘kayo ang boss ko’ are just lies that Aquino gave to us” added Dumalo.

The people of Baguio will be taking part in a nationally-coordinated action where various groups will also hold their versions of “SONA ng Bayan” across the country. The groups will converge at Rizal Park at 9 in the morning.

“Since our government deceive us with lies and covers up the true state of the city and the country, it is up to us to show them that this is what’s happening to the city, the country, and the people. This is the true state of the nation” ended Dumalo.


Tracy Anne Dumalo

Secretary General


Pitao Mindanao

Kapirasong Kritika


Umuulan ng parangal kay Leoncio “Ka Parago” Pitao, lider ng New People’s Army sa Mindanao, na napatay noong Hunyo 28. Kaya naman napaisip siya kung ilang beses na siyang nakapunta sa Mindanao. Isang beses lang, saglit lang, at halos walang kinalaman sa malakas na pakikibaka, na mayroong ligal at mayroong armado, ng mga mamamayan sa isla. Wala siyang direktang karanasan sa Mindanao. Ang mayroon lang siya ay mga kwento ng mga nakasama niya dati sa aktibismo na nagpasyang kumilos sa hanay ng mga magsasaka at Lumad doon.

At napakarami nilang kwento, na lagi nilang ibinabahagi nang puno ng rubdob ng damdamin ng mga rebolusyonaryo. Tungkol sa malawak na kalupaan na mapagkanlong sa NPA at mapanganib sa “kaaway,” sa militar. Tungkol sa mga lugar sa kagubatan na hindi pa sa kasaysayan natutuntungan ng militar pero kasing-pamilyar ng tahanan para sa mga NPA. Tungkol sa grabeng karalitaan ng mga magsasaka at Lumad:…

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Philippine–American UnFriendship Day: Asserting Philippine Sovereignty Against US Imperialism


July 2, 2014


Questions have long been looming around the so-called “friendly relationship” between our country and the United States.Due to our country’s strategic geographic position and rich resources, imperialist countries find it ideal to further strengthen their control and influence in the Philippines. Even after the end of US colonialism in the Philippines, our country continue to betied-down to it,based on the political and economic benefits and interests it can gain from us..

The USA, among other countries, has the biggest investments in our country. The proposed charter change by our legislators is alarming, because of the addition of seven economic provisions to the Constitution which allows 100% ownership of foreign businesses in the country. Foreign ownership and control in the country will range from exploration and development projects to exploitation of our natural resources, and even up to direct ownership of public utilities and mass media.

Our country’s sovereignty is still choked by imperialist claws since we became their prey as a colony. Historically, all administrations up to present succumbed to the different political, military and economic agreements that only have insidious results to the Filipino people such as human rights abuses and constitutional violations. We must now, once and for all, bring to an end such deceitful relationship.

Tongtongan ti Umili will not allow foreign entities led by the USA to defile our national sovereignty. We call on all Filipinos to assert our right to defend and protect our patrimony. We should not allow foreign interests especially US monopoly capitalists to control and plunder our natural resources. We should oppose the proposed economic charter change.

Let us assert our national sovereignty and put an end to imperialist aggression, let us oppose all foreign profiteers that wreak havoc on our natural resources and the lives of our people.

 Let us vigorously oppose and reject agreements and treaties that serve foreign interest!

 Let us thwart American imperialism’s assault on our sovereignty!

Expose and end the deceit of the Fil-Am Friendship Day!


Tracy Dumalo