Makabayan Metro-Baguio vows to send #FighterNgBayan Neri Colmenares to Senate


Indigenous Peoples Outrage on Sulong Katribu’s Disqualification

Last February 9, 2016, Tongtongan Ti Umili-CPA and its member organizations and individuals joined the protest in front of COMELEC-Baguio over the disqualification of Sulong Katribu Partylist to join in the 2016 elections.

Lawmakers Heartless in shutting out SSS veto override


TTU-CPA, BARP, KMU and senior citizens at Baguio Post Office  before heading to SSS-Baguio to hold a picket last January 28. 


February 4, 2016

Press Release

Baguio City– Tongtongan Ti Umili-CPA is dismayed and disgusted with the adjournment of Congress last February 3, 2016 without tackling the proposal to override the vetoing of President Aquino’s vetoing of the SSS Pension Hike Bill.

“This is a cowardly and unjust action coming from Congress, who did not even take the time to listen to the pleas of our elderly citizens. All over the country, Baguio included, our senior citizens and pensioners actively signed in the petition to override the SSS pension bill veto. This is only in addition to the picket that we held last January 28 outside the SSS office in Baguio to voice out our pleas and why our senior citizens need this P2,000 pension hike” stated Tracy Dumalo, secretary-general of TTU-CPA.

Senior citizens and pensioners trooped to congress waiting for the congressmen to discuss the overriding of the Aquino’s veto, but the session adjourned without doing so. Even though Cong. Neri Colmenares attempted to discuss the issue such that a resolution can be formed, the Congress proceeded with its adjournment. Baguio senior citizens are angered with this turn of events since they placed their beliefs in our lawmakers to override the veto.

“We now know that there is a small amount of incumbent lawmakers that are truly advancing the interests of the Filipino, while the majority are self-serving and afraid of turning against Aquino. We must choose wisely on the upcoming 2016 elections in order to avoid neglectful and heartless lawmakers to dominate our government once again. The fight for SSS pension hike will not end here” ended Dumalo.

Tracy Dumalo