Baguio Peoples' Agenda


All freedom and democracy-loving Filipinos, especially in Northern Luzon, should reject this re-writing of history and serious attempt of the Marcoses to reclaim political power. Let us expose the lie of the Solid North!

The activity will include direct testimonies from the victims of martial law in Northern Luzon, a backgrounder to the assassination of Macliing Dulag and the people’s Cordillera Day, a discussion on people’s lawyering during martial law, cultural numbers, and photo exhibits on the Marcos Ill-Gotten Wealth and Northern Luzon Heroes and Martyrs from Bantayog ng mga Bayani.

Highlight of the event will be a tribute to former Senators Jose W. Diokno, Lorenzo Tañada, and Atty. William F. Claver, exemplary human rights lawyers who set up the Free Legal Assistance Group and who defended pro bono people struggling to break free from the shackles of the fascist dictatorship.

Bigas Hindi Bala: Condemn the Bloody killings and dispersal in Kidapawan!


Press Release

April 9, 2016

Tongtongan Ti Umili-Cordillera People’s Alliance condemn the brutal and bloody dispersal of the protesting Kidapawan farmers last April 1 which led to deaths, severe injuries and arrests.

The Kidapawan farmers are suffering from severe drought and hunger which pushed them to protest and demand the provincial government to release the 15,000 sacks of rice and calamity funds to address the needs of these farmers and their families.

“The action of the government and the PNP towards the farmers is a clear act of violence and lack of inhumanity. These farmers and their families are dying from hunger. They are only asking the government to do its responsibility to its people, yet they are met with bullets. If Kidapawan province has already been declared under state of calamity since January and the provincial government did its job to assist the farmers, this bloodbath would’ve never happened.” said TTU-CPA secretary genaral Tracy Dumalo.

Provincial Governor Lala Talino-Mendoza has declared Kidapawan under “state of calamity” since January of this year, where there is P35 million allocated for calamity funds that should have already been used to assist the farmers and their families.

“What is more appalling at present is the lack of action by the president. A week has already passed but he still hasn’t taken any actions. Is campaigning for elections more important than this tragic event?” added Dumalo.

Groups nationwide are now asking “Nasaan ang pangulo?” with the lack of any action by the president to order a directive to assist the farmers. Private groups and individuals have been mobilizing efforts to call for donations to assist the farmers since the incident took place.

“We must exert all our efforts to assist our brothers North Cotabato. As we commemorate Araw ng Kagitingan¸we must bear in mind that we are not only paying tribute to the brave Filipinos of the past. We must also prove ourselves brave Filipinos in calling for justice for our Kidapawan brothers and the accountability of the Aquino administration in continuing its neglect of the people throughout its term” ended Dumalo.



Tracy Anne Dumalo

Secretary General

CARMMA to Hound Bongbong Campaign in Baguio City — CPA Philippines

As Bongbong Marcos brings his vice-presidential campaign to Baguio City, the Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacañang (CARMMA) reminds the people of the North to never forget martial law, and to say No to Bongbong Marcos. The Marcos Bust at Taloy Sur, Tuba, Benguet has long been a symbol of the Marcos […]

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