Uphold the True Filipino Heroes: Stop Historical Revisionism!

Tongtongan Ti Umili-CPA is one with the workers and Filipino people in commemorating the birth of the revolutionary hero Andres Bonifacio.

Bonifacio was a true hero of the Filipino people who dedicated his life to fight for freedom and independence. We also honor on this day all the true heroes of our country who gave their lives fighting for freedom, justice and democracy.

We continue to express anger and dismay on the Supreme Court’s ruling and of President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to allow the transfer of the remains of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB).

Marcos is no hero. He will never be recognized as a hero of the Filipino people, no matter where his remains may lie.  There are no actions made by Marcos that is worthy of emulation. To the contrary, what he did during his reign as a dictator must be prevented by every Filipino from ever happening again. It was under his regime that foreign debt ballooned, Labor Export policy was enacted, education was commercialized, and corruption grew rampant, and human rights violations became unbridled.

The actions of President Duterte and the Supreme Court is an insult to the victims of torture, illegal detention, killings, disappearances during the Marcos regime. The burial of Marcos at the LNMB also disregards the heroes of the 1986 EDSA revolution who ousted him and his corrupt regime. This is a clear revision of our country’s history where fascists and dictators are granted a hero’s burial and title, while justice for thousands of victims of human rights violations remain elusive.

The burial of Ferdinand Marcos at the LNMB is only the first step of the Marcos family to reclaim Malacanang. We must remain vigilant and prevent the same people who have used our country’s wealth for their own interests regain power. Their sins to the Filipino people must not go unpunished.

We call on all Filipino people, especially the youth to recognize, uphold and emulate the true heroes of our country. We urge our country’s Millennials to be educated about the true history of the Filipino people and become true heroes of this generation.


Justice for the Victims of Martial Law!

Never Again, Never Forget!



Tracy Dumalo

Secretary General


Support the Peace Talks towards a Just and Lasting Peace!

 Press Statement

August 26, 2016

Tracy Anne Dumalo; Tongtongan Ti Umili-CPA secretary general

Tongtongan Ti Umili-CPA welcomes the formal resumption of peace talks between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) which started this 22nd of August at Oslo, Norway.

We call on Baguio citizens, groups and institutions to support the peace talks and the campaign for a just and lasting peace in the country. We also urge everyone to raise and voice out the various issues and concerns faced by the people as a means of further pushing the GRP and  NDFP to discuss the immediate and long term demands needed for the country. Poverty, corruption, lack of social services, human rights violations, and destruction of natural resources are just some of the roots of armed conflict in the country which will be tackled during the peace talks process.

The peace talks will tackle socio-economic and political reforms that will have a great impact on the lives of the Filipino people. In like manner, these reforms which will be tackled and addressed at the national level will have a huge bearing on the programs and policies at the local areas. The issues and concerns faced by the people of Baguio are felt throughout the country, which is why we urge everyone to unite with the wider population to continue in pushing both panels to tackle the main causes of problems faced by the Filipino people by joining discussions and activities that will raise our awareness in the call for a just and lasting peace. ###

No to the burial of Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayan — CPA Philippines

The Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) opposes the burial of the late Dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNB) this coming September. In fact, the burial of Marcos at the LNB is an insult to Martial Law victims in the region and in the country. It is a serious crime of historical revisionism, […]

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Kapihan Para sa Kapayapaan

Press Release

June 28, 2016


Baguio City– Tongtongan Ti Umili-Cordillera Peoples’ Alliance will be conducting a public kapihan on June 29, a day before the inauguration of president-elect Rodrigo Duterte. The kapihan aims to discuss the challenges of the people of Cordillera and Baguio City to the incoming national and local administrations.

“We want to challenge the government to act on the pressing issues and concerns of the people. We have become victims of government neglect under the Aquino administration and we challenge the Duterte administration to take a different path and prove that change is truly coming” stated Tracy Dumalo, secretary-general of Tongtongan Ti Umili-CPA.

The kapihan will also tackle the promise of Duterte to resume Peace Talks and the release of political prisoners once he takes oath as president.

“We welcome Duterte’s announcement that he will push for the resumption of Peace Talks in the country once he is inaugurated since this will greatly help in the advancement of the interests of the people. The resumption of peace talks is not simply about the ceasefire between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the New People’s Army, but other concerns of the people as well, particularly the release of political prisoners and undertaking socio-economic reforms. We invite everyone to join us in discussing the prospects for our country and unite towards a just and lasting peace” ended Dumalo.

The kapihan will be held on Igorot Park, from 11 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon.



Tracy Dumalo



The Side of Truth is Always the Side of Justice. — CPA Philippines

The Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) and the Cordillera Human Rights Alliance (CHRA) are enraged over the maligning and insinuation that CPA is behind the abduction of its very own pioneer, James Balao. In three media reports written by Tetch Torres-Tupas of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) dated June 22, 2016; Ina Reformina of ABS CBN […]

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Statement of the Tongtongan ti Umili – Cordillera People’s Alliance  on the Zoning Ordinance in Baguio City



Zoning regulations and restrictions are used by our city to control and direct the development of properties within its borders. Since Baguio City implemented the first zoning ordinance on October 1991, zoning regulations should have been religiously followed.


The public hearing and information dissemination which was held last November 11th was headed by Hon. Councilor Leandro Yangot. as one of the proponent of the revised zoning ordinance, he presented the functions and purposes of zoning in the city, specifically the dividing of the residential and commercial areas.


Land-use regulation is designed to guide future development, but many of our ‘kailians’ in Baguio do not feel the positive result of the regulation, wherein they feel that there is already an existing water crisis in the city brought about by congestion and tourism, while the city is still on the process of studying the city’s zoning ordinance.


This is a clear manifestation of a poor planning process that ultimately resulted in an ineffective comprehensive land use plan.  The failed master plan shows negative effects of the ordinances, as seen in poor street plans and narrow sidewalks that cause accidents, unorganized plans for public facilities like schools located in the Central Business District (CBD) area, and the violation of building height regulation that opposes safety precautionary measures.


The preservation of open space and conservation for public objectives are mostly not being followed. Most of the buildings and ongoing building constructions, especially in the CBD area, occupy whole lots which are against the restrictions allocated. This violates the provision in the ordinance which clearly states that half of the land area of lots must be left as “open spaces”.


Zoning ordinances must be sensible based on all factors involved, such as the need of the city. The purpose of the restriction must prevent someone from building on the entire lot of land, permitting a part of the area partly open and conserved as an open green space such as parks, for the use of the public as a whole.


As such, Tongtongan Ti Umil- CPA, poses that the Zoning ordinance must consider the following points:


  1. The city’s building limit must not exceed 6 storeys due to the fact that exceeding this limit will cause environment degradation and endangering public safety in times of natural disasters. There is no assurance that the safety of a building exceeding 6 storeys in height will be guaranteed during earthquakes, even with the uses of earthquake-proof materials, owing to the fact that heavy structures can lead to landslides and sinking.
  2. Land allocations policies must, first and foremost, prioritize the residents and not the commercial businesses, hotels, etc. The city government must put the needs of the residents as its priority and should not change the existing residential land allocations to accommodate the entry of large businesses and hotels.
  3. The city, should greatly take into consideration the existing water crisis in the city before implementing a new zoning ordinance. This goes hand-in-hand with the paramount problem in garbage and sewers in the city.
  4. The ordinance should be based on the concrete conditions of the city. The citizens feel that if the ordinance will be implemented, the informal settlers and their settlements will be left out, if not totally sacrificed.


The zoning ordinance of the city must be in favor to the needs of the peoples and progressively address the existing problems in the city.  The development of the city, with the zoning ordinance as one of its tool, must prioritize the development of the well-being of the people and should be focused on those among the urban poor settlers, and not on private properties, businesses and commercial establishments.



Tongtongan Ti Umili – Cordillera People’s Alliance

Status Baguio: Development for the People, Not for the Few!

August 29, 2015

This year marks the 106th celebration of Baguio Day since its declaration as a chartered city in 1908. With more than a century, Baguio has faced rapid urbanization these past decades, where the land and environmental protection in the area has been sacrificed for the entry of the so-called “development”.

Last July 20, Mayor Mauricio Domogan delivered his State of the City Address (SOCA) “Advancing Development thru Teamwork towards a Sustainable Baguio”, boasting of the various “accomplishments” of the city government under his term.

Tongtongan Ti Umili-Cordillera Peoples Alliance and its member organizations are dismayed with the mayor’s SOCA, which acted as a “cover-up” of the true state of the city and its people. The persisting issues and problems on the delivery of basic social services such as: high prices of laboratories and lack of medicines in Baguio General Hospital, high cost and commercialization of public education, environmental degradation, urban maldevelopment, misprioritization of projects as seen in the on-going roads rehabilitation, violent demolitions (one of which led to the death of vendor Oscar Caranto), harassments & stealing of goods of ambulant vendors from POSD personnel, worsening peace and order actions, drugs, gambling and other anti-social activities were not tackled.

Mayor Domogan stated in his SOCA that “we ensure that spending will be limited to programs, projects and activities that are truly needed by our constituents”, yet residents who had their settlements demolished are left with the problem of finding a place for their families to live in since the local government fails to provide relocation sites. In terms of education, it is a blatant lie that the city is now “K12 ready”, especially since the problems in the lack of facilities and equipments, classrooms, and textbooks were not yet addressed.

This year’s first batch of students under the K12 program feel that they are used as “guinea pigs” for this unprepared program in education, where they have to photocopy their learning modules out of their own pocket money. Also, 600 teachers and employees of the Saint Louis University (SLU) will be facing unemployment by SY 2016. Teachers who are expected to teach under the K12 program were also not given sufficient trainings and teaching modules. The problems in the education sector in the city remains, in the same manner throughout the country.

As of last year, there has been a wide clamor among the residents of the city to stop the proposed tax increase in the city on the basis that (1) there has been insufficient information dissemination done on the part of the city government; (2) the tax rates of the city should not be based on the rates of other nearby cities; (3) there are unclear and overlapping taxes collected by the city treasury office and the Bureau of Internal Revenue; (4) multiple garbage fees’ collection; and (5) the capacity of the city to produce sufficient revenue as a top tourist destination in the country .

Despite the numerous position papers opposing the tax increase which were passed to the city government, administrators are bent on pushing this increase. The question on where do the taxes of the residents go, and how these were allocated were not answered during the two public consultations done. Baguio residents are aghast with the attitude of the city government in pushing forth the said increases to produce a higher revenue for the city, when delinquent taxpayers, businesses and corporations like the CJHDevCo-BCDA have unpaid taxes amounting to hundreds of millions. Small residents and businesses are burdened with paying taxes, while large corporations and businesses are able to get away for years of not paying theirs.

The local government also boasted of their environment-friendly programs, stating that “the city has sustained the aggressive pace in our campaign on environmental protection, pollution control and the proper management of facilities and assets that contribute to environmental integrity”. Throughout the term of Mayor Domogan, it has been proven that the city has faced multiple problems on environmental degradation where the city’s environment has been sacrificed to give way to infrastructure projects. The city is now becoming a decaying urban concrete where there is only a remaining 8% of forest and watershed areas. The ongoing fencing at city hall, proposed multilevel parking lots in the Melvin Jones grounds will destroy the largest open space and aquifer in the Central Business District area.

In the same manner, the proposed multi-level parking lot & commercial business by SM, cutting of trees by SM at Luneta Hill, by Camp John Hay Development Corporation –Bases Conversion Development Authority at Camp John Hay, by Goshen at Ambiong, Bakakeng Norte-Sur,Salud Mitra, Irisan and by a tophoncho politicians at Mt. Santo Tomas Forest Reservation, and the continuous building of sky-rise hotels (Le Monet, Pinesview,Crown Legacy etc.) condominiums (Moldex, Suntrust etc.), dormitories (Goshen, etc.) subdivisions and big businesses has negatively transformed the city.

His statement that “the good intentions of all our programs and services, all geared towards making life easier and comfortable especially for our less fortunate constituents” were meant to create deception among the residents, in his hopes that the Baguio community will remain quiet and will not oppose his programs and policies. Life for the people of Baguio has worsened under his term, especially with the continuous increase of prices and taxes, low wages, unemployement and the destruction of the city’s land and environment. It has been clear that the government has welcomed the entry of big businesses, establishments, condominiums and hotels, dormitories and privatization of public lands to gain profit, while there has been no action to address the need for housing of the urban poor residents in the city.

As we celebrate this year’s Baguio Day and National Heroes Day (August 31) Tongtongan Ti Umili-CPA is calling and challenging the residents and people of Baguio to stand up and be united to immediately urge the present city officials, including the national government of Pres. Noynoy Aquino, to address the immediate needs of the city. It is a must that the development programs and policies of the government are for the city and its people, and not for a few individuals and their patrons.

Development for the People!


Tracy Dumalo