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Reject the Unconstitutional, Excessive, Confiscatory and Money-making JAO 2014-01!

 Position on DOTC Joint Administrative Order (JAO) LTO and LTRFB # 2014-01


Tongtongan Ti Umili strongly condemns the Joint Administrative Order (JAO)  LTO and LTFRB # 2014-01 otherwise known as the Revised Schedule of Fines and Penalties for Violations of Laws, Rules and Regulations Governing Land Transportation, which imposes high fines to the transport sector starting June 19, 2014. This is yet another scheme of the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) and the Aquino government to turn the transport sector into milking cows by imposing fines amounting to P50, 000 for public utility jeepneys, P6, 000 in tricycles, P120, 000 in Metered Taxis, P200, 000 for UV express and P1 Million for trucks and buses.

This imposition of fines is nothing more than providing justification for the DOTC to extort money from our drivers and operators.

The JAO and its huge fines will not answer the problems in traffic, accidents and proliferation of colorum vehicles. In fact this order will further promote corruption where the government will turn its attention to juicing out fines from the transport sector to increase their revenues. The JAO is also questionable as it can easily be used by public officials and traffic enforcers for their own personal sources of income. It is no longer a secret that that there are officials who are best in “pangongotong”.

In addition, the JAO 2014-01 is unconstitutional since it did not undergo the required processes needed before enactment. One consultation conducted does not suffice for the LTFRB, LTO and DOTC to approve this law, especially since drivers and stakeholders expressed their objection.

Our public transport sector is already burdened by taxes and the continuous increases in oil prices due to the Oil Deregulation Law. It is not right that the government should turn on them again as a means for their fund generation.

Given this, Tongtongan Ti Umili, along with its member organizations and individuals express our rejection of the JAO 2014-01 and will campaign to stop its implementation. We reject the anti-people policies of the Aquino government and its agencies who make use of the basic sectors as sources of their revenues, which are in turn widely corrupted.

We urge all the drivers, operators and Filipinos to unite with us and stand against the JAO 2014-01.

Reject the JAO 2014-01! Support or drivers and operators!

NO to Aquino and DOTC’s money-making schemes!



Tracy Anne Dumalo